Garden Plants

We are much more than a Garden Centre – we are a plant centre with aquatic plants, marginal plants, moisture plants, garden plants, trees and shrubs suitable for small and large gardens. If you are looking for something unusual for your garden – give us a visit

Pond Plants Click here for a Plant List

Marginal Plants
Plants which grow with the crown at or below the water surface. They provide the majority of the colour and decorative interest from early spring through to the autumn. We have over 100 varieties in stock, from starter plants to specimen size. Many of which are grown on site in our specialised nursery.

Deep Water Plants
Deep water aquatic plants are plants capable of growth from a greater depth than a normal “marginal plant”. Potted in baskets on the pond bottom or intermediate shelf and often sending leaves and flowers to the surface. They provide shade and refuge for pond life; some varieties retain submerged growth through the winter.
The most beautiful is ‘Aponogeton Distachyos’ (Water Hawthorn). No pond should be without one. It has oval leaves and a white flower held above the water with a strong scent reminiscent of May blossom.
We have a large selection of deep water aquatics suitable for ponds of all sizes.

Oxygenating Plants
We carry a wide selection of oxygenating plants in the growing season to cater for the smallest barrel to the largest pool.
Oxygenating plants are sold as bunched cuttings, weighted, to allow them to sink to the pond bottom, or to be planted into aquatic plant baskets for a more controlled growth. They are natures “workhorse” of the pool. Their strong spring/summer growth rapidly uses up excessive nutrients built up over the winter. Their foliage provides a nursery and larder as well as habitat for protection of fish eggs and young fish. By reducing nutrient excesses, algae growth opportunity is reduced and therefore helps with water clarity.

Floating plants
We stock a variey of floating plants, subject to seasonal availability. They provide excellent habitat and shade during the summer months. Hardy native varieties are available.

Moisture plants
These are plants that thrive in a moist environment, they like to tap their roots into water, but always with the crown of the plant above the water line. These range from moisture loving trees to delicate primulas.

We are here to help you design and landscape your pond with the wide range of plants available. Please ask a member of our team to help, from the small pool to a large planting scheme, incorporating all of the above. We also provide an installation service.

Water Lilies

With over 200 varieties in the collection we can cater for the small water feature through to a reservoir. Holders of the National Collection of Nymphae (water lilies)

The ideal specimen plant. Floating leaves beautiful blooms, offering shade at the surface. Greedy root systems bind together bottom sediment and absorb large quantities of excess plant nutrients.