We have 23 individual outside coldwater fish tanks all separately filtered.
We carry a large variety of fish ranging from goldfish to ghost koi, grass carp, tench, rudd, orfe, koi, sterlets, butterfly koi - the majority are available in different sizes. All our fish are offered with a 7 day guarantee subject to conditions. Fish are held at outside temperatures to enable stocking all year round.

Tropical Fish

We have 66 individual fish tanks all separately filtered. When purchasing tropical fish it is important to consider that they should be appropriate for your aquarium, that your system is properly matured and that they are compatible with any other fish you may have. We have a tremendous stock which, will make it easy to choose the right fish for your situation. All fish are packed for 8 hours travel.

Coldwater Fish

Our priorities are health, value and quality and to achieve this we always select from suppliers who take their fish health seriously. All fish are packed for 8 hours travel.

Aquatic Turtles

We stock a selection of tropical aquatic turtles. Normal varieties stocked are the mississippi map turtle, musk turtles and the razor back musk turtle. This is subject to seasonal availability.